What is Amrit Krishi ?

Amrit Krishi is a company that grows and sells organic food, oils, and grains. They use sustainable farming practices that are good for the environment. They also focus on preserving traditional Indian agricultural methods.


Amrit krishi is complete range of household grocery NATIVE(Desi) varieties


Amrit Krishi is a company that offers a complete range of household grocery NATIVE(Desi) varieties. They have a wide selection of products, including food, oils, grains, spices, and other household items. Their products are grown and processed using traditional methods, without the use of chemicals or pesticides. This makes their products healthier and more sustainable than conventional products.

Amrit Krishi is committed to preserving NATIVE(Desi) agricultural traditions and providing customers with high-quality, authentic products. They are a great source for people who are looking for healthy, natural, and sustainable products.

  • Absolute Nutrient Richness
  • Complete Natural Immunity Booster.
  • Produced at Mineral Rich Virgin Organic Lands of Jharkhand.



Sourced Native Indigenous Seeds From Research Centre & Tribal Population




Revitalizing Micronutrients, Vitamins & Essential Minerals







Restoring micronutrients through desi seeds at Amrit Krishi.

Amrit Krishi is a company that is working to restore micronutrients through desi seeds. Desi seeds are traditional Indian seeds that are rich in nutrients. Amrit Krishi grows these seeds using organic farming practices, which helps to preserve their nutritional value. They also sell these seeds to farmers and consumers, so that more people can benefit from their nutritional properties.

Amrit Krishi believes that desi seeds are a key part of the solution to the global micronutrient deficiency crisis. They are working to make these seeds more accessible and affordable, so that everyone can enjoy their health benefits.


Here are some of the specific ways that Amrit Krishi is working to restore micronutrients through desi seeds:

  • They are breeding desi seeds to be even more nutritious.
  • They are developing new farming practices that can help to improve the nutritional content of desi seeds.
  • They are working to educate farmers and consumers about the benefits of desi seeds.
  • Amrit Krishi is committed to making desi seeds a more sustainable and nutritious option for everyone. They believe that these seeds have the potential to improve the health of millions of people around the world.



What is “ORGANIC” all about?


In the year 1966, the Indian Government had to find ways to feed the rapid growing population The Green Revolution (1966) started and with help of UREAs, harmful Chemical Fertilizers &Pesticides and HYBRID seeds, the YIELD of India’s agricultural produce grew drastically by 3-4times, but took away the nutrition, micronutrients,
important minerals & vitamins.

Lately, the reformists have realized the ill effects of the usage of chemicals in our foods and the Pharma Companies started making huge profits by selling various Supplement Tablets.



The negatives of hybrid and chemically grown food, led to consciousness of going ‘back tonative’ agriculture practices called ‘Organic’.