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Amrit Krishi Natural Farming

Natural Farming

Amrit mitti, Amrit Jal and desi seeds based farming methodology on the  virgin land track of Jharkhand.

Amrit Krishi Chemical Free

Chemical Free

We are committed to uplift the poor & marginal farmers with natural agriculture practices by not using harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Amrit Krishi Natural Sunlight

Natural Power

Power of natural farming practices from micronutrient dense desi heritage seeds to restore the essential vitamins & minerals.

Amrit Krishi Our USP

Amrit Krishi

Amrit Krishi got possible from the years of research to restore the micronutrients & essential Vitamins in the natural form.

Amrit Krishi Beyond Organic

Beyond Organic

Amrit krishi 100% desi organic bring back the lost vigour in your food,feel the purest and  authentic taste & aroma of nature.

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About Amrit Krishi

Pure Natural Products

 Amrit Krishi re-introduced Native Ancient Lost (Desi) Varieties Of Seeds & Agri-practices, As Prevalent During The Era Of ऋषि मुनी To Bring Back Vital Nutrition & Vigour Into Our Food.

Providing High Quality Products.

Amrit Krishi Desi Seeds

How Amrit Krishi produce traditionally made.

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Why People Love Amrit Krishi ?

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Shop For Pure, Natural Organic Foods Online


In today’s world, living sustainably means fulfilling our needs without harming nature’s balance or depriving future generations. Sustainable living focuses on protecting natural resources.

Food quality depends on how food is produced, distributed, packaged and consumed. In recent years, ‘food quality’ has become more popular among home cooks, food businesses and customers.

Many food companies now source locally and practice sustainability in response to environmental and societal concerns. Amrit Krishi is one of them. Here, you can purchase organic food online. We provide high-quality, Organic food and aim to make Amrit Krishi synonymous with organic groceries. From organic rice to organic flour and organic oils , we offer a one-stop solution for all your organic food needs.

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  Why Choose Organic?


The pandemic and lockdowns have led many of us to re-evaluate our choices, including our food. With health as a priority, everything that benefits our wellness has become important. Consuming organic foods remarkably strengthens immunity and empowers our bodies to fight infections and illness. If you want the best organic food in India, Amrit Krishi is the place to go. Order organic rice online, oils, pulses and grains assured of their quality.

Organic Food Online


Experience the finest organic Grocery in India from Amrit Krishi. Both are dietary staples, making it great to choose organic food product a, sustainable options. Our chemical-free organic produce is perfect for healthy cooking.

Organic Whole Foods


Whole foods are as close to their natural form as possible, with little or no processing. Amrit Krishi offers natural, necessary whole foods to buy online in India. We have organic lentils, organic pulses, rice, millets, grains and more. Now get preservative-free flours for natural cooking.

Organic Cooking Essentials


Cooking is an art. The right ingredients add flair. Amrit Krishi provides quality, dependable cooking essentials and groceries in India. We offer organic oils online, vinegars, dried spices, ghee and sweeteners.

Gluten-Free Selections


Many follow gluten-free diets for health reasons, limiting food choices. At Amrit Krishi, discover diverse, exciting gluten-free staples and gluten free organic flours Online. Build your ideal gluten-free diet.

Eco-Friendly Gifting


Celebrating? Gift loved ones hampers with organic, handmade, healthy treats. Make occasions memorable with Amrit Krishi’s gifting collection. Gift organic products to your family & friends for healthy living.

Why Amrit Krishi?


We strive to provide the purest, most natural food available. As innovators of a chemical-free future, we serve only what is good for you and the planet. Frequent testing upholds our high standards. We make organic food affordable and bridge the gap between farmers and customers Shop organic Grains & Cereals Online in India for the better health in future for you, old age and kids.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is organic considered healthier?


Organic foods often have more antioxidants and other benefits from natural, chemical-free farming. Though some natural pesticides are used, they don’t harm health.

How to know if food is organic?


Look for a 100% organic label, as the term is used loosely. True organic foods have simple, unique ingredients.

Does organic taste better than conventional?


There’s little proof of better taste, but healthy soil in organic farming enhances flavor. Try our organic vegetables in Delhi for quality.

Is organic good for weight loss?


Organic foods don’t inherently aid weight loss, but provide nutrition for overall health. Incorporate more produce for healthy weight management.

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