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Organic Red Chana – Black Chickpeas



In India organic black and red chickpeas, sometimes referred to as “kala chana” in the region, which are ideal for your kitchen. Due to its high iron content and rapid energy boost, little chickpeas, or Desi Brown Chana, are a popular choice in India. Straight from a reputable organic farm in Akola, Maharashtra, these hand-pounded and unpolished chanas are supplied. Every meal will taste better and have more nourishment thanks to this meticulous technique. Upgrade your meals with these healthy, natural choices. You can now easily bring the essence of health and purity to your table by ordering organic red chana online. Elevate your cooking and nourish your body with Amrit Krishi’s organic Desi Red Chana, your go-to ingredient for health-conscious and flavour-packed meals. Our organic chickpeas make it easy to add protein, fiber and essential nutrients to vegetarian dishes. Experience the rich, earthy taste and nutritional power of organic red chana today.


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Organic Basmati Rice – Desi Kali Banga (1Kg)




Amrit Krishi brings you the finest in organic rice, including our aromatic organic basmati rice and the cherished organic kali banga rice. When it comes to organic rice, we prioritize quality without compromise. Our Desi Kali Banga Basmati Rice is a culinary delight that encapsulates the rich heritage of Indian agriculture. Sourced from pristine fields and cultivated through traditional, sustainable methods, this aromatic rice variety is a testament to our commitment to quality. With its long, slender grains and captivating fragrance, our Desi Kali Banga Basmati Rice adds a touch of sophistication to your meals. Whether you’re preparing biryanis, pulavs, or simple steamed rice, the robust flavor and delicate texture of this rice make it the perfect choice for discerning chefs and food enthusiasts alike. When you think of organic rice, think of Amrit Krishi, where authenticity meets sustainability. Discover the true taste of India with our organic rice online. Experience the richness of tradition without compromising on modern values. Find the perfect balance of flavor and ethics with Amrit Krishi’s organic rice. Try it today and savor the essence of pure, sustainable agriculture. Embrace the authentic taste of India with every grain.


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Organic Khapli Atta



Khapli Atta is a true perfection of health and tradition. Khapli wheat Flour, also known as Emmer wheat, has been a staple in Indian households for generations. Our Khapli Atta is stone-ground to retain the wholesome goodness and nutty flavour of this ancient grain. Rich in fibre and nutrients, organic Khapli Atta is the perfect choice for those seeking a healthier alternative to refined flours. Whether you’re making chapatis, parathas, or any other Indian bread, our Khapli Atta promises exceptional taste and nutrition in every bite. Elevate your culinary experience with the natural goodness of Amrit Krishi’s Khapli Atta. Khapli wheat flour has been used for centuries in India for making various flatbreads and more. Our premium Khapli atta provides all the wholesome nutrition of this heritage gluten-free wheat flour. We stone grind the khapli wheat to retain the original flavor and goodness in our Khapli atta flour. This nutritious gluten free wheat flour can elevate your kitchen creations while providing fiber and other benefits. Use our Khapli atta online available from Amrit Krishi for making your favorite Indian breads. Experience the traditional taste and nutrition of ancient khapli wheat flour in every bite.


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Organic Mustard Oil – Amrit Krishi




Cold Pressed Mustard Oil, commonly known as Sarso Ka Tel, is a type of edible oil extracted from mustard seeds. Unlike traditional mustard oil, the organic Mustard Oil is made using a cold-pressing technique, ensuring the retention of its natural flavors, aromas, and nutrients. This organic mustard oil boasts a robust, pungent taste and a distinctively vibrant yellow hue, making it a favored ingredient in Indian culinary traditions. Our cold pressed organic mustard oil is crafted using only the highest quality mustard seeds. This natural process helps retain the signature peppery flavor and nutritional value of the oil. You can shop online for our organic mustard oil and have this versatile, traditional oil shipped directly to your door. This organic mustard oil makes an excellent addition to salads, curries, pickles, and various other Indian dishes. The cold pressing technique preserves the oil’s purity and strong mustard flavor. For the best taste and nutritional purity, shop for our organic cold pressed mustard oil online now. Experience the nostalgic aroma and vibrancy of quality organic mustard oil crafted just like it has been for generations.


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