Natural Farming

Revitalizing Agriculture

through Amrit Mitti, Amrit Jal,

and Desi Seeds

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Amrit Krishi embarks on a transformative journey by restoring the age-old tradition of Amrit Mitti (organic soil) and Amrit Jal (natural concoction) combined with the potency of desi seeds. Our farming methodology, rooted in natural values, rejuvenates the virgin land tracks of Jharkhand. This harmonious approach nurtures soil health, celestial harmony, and traditional wisdom, fostering a holistic ecosystem.

Amrit Mitti and Amrit Jal:

Nourishing Soil and Crops

Amrit Krishi’s core lies in the rejuvenation of soil vitality with Amrit Mitti and Amrit Jal. The synergy of these elements nurtures the land’s fertility while fortifying the crops with natural nutrients. Our methodology thrives on the restoration of carbon content and the cultivation of native desi seeds, producing wholesome yields that resonate with the land’s essence.

Cultivating Harmony in

Jharkhand’s Virgin Lands

Amrit Krishi’s natural farming values extend to the untouched lands of Jharkhand. By combining Amrit Mitti, Amrit Jal, and desi seeds, we cultivate a harmony that embraces the land’s innate rhythms. Through lunar-guided planting, traditional knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, our approach redefines farming as a holistic partnership with nature. Join us on this journey to restore the land’s natural abundance through Amrit Krishi’s revitalizing methodology.

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