Organic Arhar Dal (500g)

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  • Unpolished, High Bran, Roughage
  • Micronutrients Naturally Enriched
  • Natural Immunity Booster
  • 100% Heritage Desi Organic
  • Produced From Heritage Seeds
  • Stay Fit & Stay Healthy Use Amrit Krishi
  • Nutritional Value Certified By NIN (Hyderabad)
  • Best Before: 06 Months From Date of Packaging
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  • No returns accepted, only in case of damage.

Protein-Packed   Fiber-Rich  Heart-Healthy  Nutrient-Dense

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Organic Arhar Dal from Amrit Krishi captures the spirit of nature. Our dedication to organic farming means that this dal is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, retaining its natural sweetness. Our dal retains its true desi flavor and necessary nutrients after being harvested from heirloom arhar types and cultivated in fertile Indian soil. When you purchase organic Arhar dal from us, you are purchasing a product that has been grown with care and attention.

At Amrit Krishi, we take pride in offering wholesome, natural foods that not only nourish the body but also cater to the soul. Our Organic Arhar Pulses are packed with protein, fiber, and vital micronutrients, all without the use of any artificial supplements. Experience the creamy texture and rich flavor of our dal, bringing a nutritional revolution straight into your kitchen.


Upgrade your meals with the timeless nutrition of authentic Indian superfoods. Embrace the goodness of Organic Arhar Dal – a hearty addition to your wholesome dining experience, making your meals not just delicious, but also deeply nourishing.

Here are some key highlights for Desi Organic Arhar Dal:

Experience the authentic taste of Desi Arhar dal from Amrit Krishi.

  • 100% organic arhar grown using natural farming methods
  • Rich, creamy texture perfect for dals and curries
  • Excellent source of plant-based protein and fiber
  • Retains more nutrients without chemical fertilizers
  • Versatile ingredient for everyday recipes
  • Traditional desi flavor from heirloom arhar varieties
  • Perfectly split grains cook evenly and quickly

Upgrade your meals with organic goodness with Amrit Krishi’s desi arhar dal. Nourish your family with the wholesome nutrition of authentic Indian superfoods.

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Weight 500 kg

15 reviews for Organic Arhar Dal (500g)

  1. Neerendra Sagar

    ok Great in cooking

  2. Vineeta Kulkarni

    arhar bursting with nutritional goodness and delectable desi flavor

  3. Richa Rajagopalan

    I tried this organic, heritage superfood and it was good experince.

  4. Drishti Sachdev

    Yum, an immunity-boosting dal overflowing with roughage and micronutrients

  5. Faisal Dhaliwal

    My body will thank me for cooking with this.

  6. Anees Walla

    This nutrient-dense arhar dal perfect addition to my pantry.

  7. Laveena Kumer

    Failed to cook it so give it to my mom

  8. Indrani Hari

    Organic arhar Dal is most nutrients

  9. Pinky Rattan

    Kinda felt good while eating it

  10. Nagaraju

    I love that it’s organic and that it’s a good source of protein and fiber.

  11. Ashishjoshi

    I’m so impressed with Amrit Krishi Desi Arhar Dal. The grains are perfectly split and cook evenly and quickly.

  12. Anuj Kadwal

    I love that it’s organic and that it’s a good source of protein and fiber.

  13. Vinayashok

    I love using it to make dal tadka, but it’s also great in curries and soups. The flavor is so authentic and delicious.

  14. Ram Prakash Sharm

    The flavor is amazing, and the texture is so creamy. I love that it’s organic and that it’s a good source of protein and fiber. I’ll definitely be buying this dal again!

  15. Nishi Prashad

    I orderd it again liked it

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