Organic Basmati Rice – Kali Banga (500g)

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• Unpolished, High Bran & Roughage
• High Aroma & Taste
• Vit-B complex & Selenium
• 100% Heritage Desi Organic
• Produced From Heritage Seeds
• Stay Fit & Stay Healthy Use Amrit Krishi
• Nutritional Value Certified By NIN (Hyderabad)
• Best Before: 06 Months From Date of Packaging
• Shipping in 2-6 business days.
• No returns accepted, only in case of damage.

Long Grain, Low Glycemic Index, Traditionally Processed, Direct From Farm


Amrit Krishi brings you the finest in organic rice, including our aromatic organic basmati rice and the cherished organic kali banga rice. When it comes to organic rice, we prioritize quality without compromise.

Our Desi Kali Banga Basmati Rice is a culinary delight that encapsulates the rich heritage of Indian agriculture. Sourced from pristine fields and cultivated through traditional, sustainable methods, this aromatic rice variety is a testament to our commitment to quality.

With its long, slender grains and captivating fragrance, our Desi Kali Banga Basmati Rice adds a touch of sophistication to your meals. Whether you’re preparing biryanis, pulavs, or simple steamed rice, the robust flavor and delicate texture of this rice make it the perfect choice for discerning chefs and food enthusiasts alike.

When you think of organic rice, think of Amrit Krishi, where authenticity meets sustainability. Discover the true taste of India with our organic rice online. Experience the richness of tradition without compromising on modern values.

Find the perfect balance of flavor and ethics with Amrit Krishi’s organic rice. Try it today and savor the essence of pure, sustainable agriculture. Embrace the authentic taste of India with every grain.

Amrit Krishi Highlights:

  • Discover The Amrit Krishi Methodology With Micronutrient- Dense Desi Seeds, Organic Farming Practices Using Cow Dung/ Cow Urine And Forest Based Biomass.
  • Empowering Marginal Farmers: Social & Economical Upliftment Through Our Initiatives.
  • Cultivating On Virgin Land Tracks Of Jharkhand, Nourished By Uncontaminated Natural Stream Water.
  • Our Advanced Organic Methods Reduce Nutrition Loss With Traditional Processing Methods.

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Weight 500 kg

13 reviews for Organic Basmati Rice – Kali Banga (500g)

  1. Binod Rai

    Very good in taste

  2. Manoj Kumar Sharma

    It looked so delecious when cooked

  3. Damini Nazareth

    I prepare wholesome biryani and pilaf with this.

  4. Deepak Trivedi

    Great taste and delivery in time

  5. Afroz

    just fan of it

  6. Jasmin Raval

    Yesss a NIN-certified, traditionally processed basmati with a wonderful aroma.

  7. Faraz Lata

    Now My cooking is about to get an upgrade.

  8. Ratan Kaul

    It quality good becasue of Unpolished with lots of bran and fiber.

  9. Kalpit Parmar

    With Vitamin B, selenium, AND it tastes incredible.

  10. Faishal Sidiki

    Amrit Krishi Desi Kali Banga Basmati Rice is the best basmati rice I’ve ever had.

  11. Rahulgholap

    My mom liked it taste

  12. Sumit Kumar

    It’s so flavorful and aromatic. I love using it in all of my rice dishes.

  13. Kunalshah

    I’m a big fan of Amrit Krishi Desi Kali Banga Basmati Rice. It’s always fresh and delicious. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality basmati rice.

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